IPVanish (2021) Pregled + Vodnik

Iščete novega IPVanish VPN pregled? To je logično, v zadnjih nekaj letih so te storitve postale izjemno priljubljene, skoraj 30% internetnih uporabnikov v zadnjih 5 letih uporablja storitve VPN. Mi pri Globalwatchonline.com tested and tried all different providers for you, read our comprehensive IPVanish VPN review and learn everything about this service, we are sure that once you’re done reading you will know if this provider suits you.

Kdo in kaj je IPVanish?

US-based VPN provider IPVanish claims to be “The World’s Best VPN Service“. While they have an abundance of endorsements and sponsorships and offer an admittedly feature-rich product, the question remains, is this well known provider still one of the VPN ponudnike, ki bi jih morali izbrati?

  • In this review, I’ll be providing you with a detailed answer to that question. I will be taking an unbiased look at IPVanish, analyzing everything from the company’s background, services, features, pricing, and more.
  • Let’s get started. Founded in 1999 under the umbrella of Mudhook Marketing (located in US, Florida), IP Vanish has quickly earned a reputation as one of the top VPN providers in the marketplace. 1,300+ servers (and counting) across more than 75 different countries (primarily located in Europe and North America).

Njihove storitve VPN so združljive s skoraj vsemi napravami in operacijskimi sistemi, ki jih je mogoče zamisliti. Mac OS VPN, Android, Fire TV and IOS. For the more tech-savvy users, they also allow customers to manually setup an IPVanish configuration on Window’s phones, Ubuntu, ChromeBook, and your routers. IPVanish also supports all major VPN protocols and even allows users access to the download-free SOCKS5 web proxy.

Kakšne so prednosti in prednosti?

  • Namenske aplikacije za vse platforme
  • Ne vodi dnevnikov
  • 256-bitno šifriranje
  • Ogromen seznam 75 držav
  • Povezave VPN v skupni rabi, da postane promet neizsledljiv
  • Veliko izbire protokola


UPORABNOST: Zelo enostavno, podpira vse naprave
DATOTEKE ZAPISOV: Brez pravil sečnje
LOKACIJE: 60+ držav, 1200+ strežnikov
PODPORA: Brez klepeta v živo, odziv traja nekaj dni
ZAMORNO: P2P in torrenting dovoljeni, spodbudni
STROŠKI: $4.87 / $6.75 / $7.50 / mo
URADNA SPLETNA STRAN: www.ipvanish.com

Hitrosti strežnikov IPVanish

I ran a few speed test on the IPVanish servers and here is what I came up with (I’m using 100 Mbps Internet connection within EU). If you are looking for the najhitrejši VPN na svetu, preberite ta priročnik.

Ameriški strežnik (New York)

  • Ping: 133ms
  • Prenos: 34,71 Mbps
  • Nalaganje: 24,72 Mbps

EU strežnik (Amsterdam)

  • Ping: 38ms
  • Prenos: 82,67 Mbps
  • Nalaganje: 43,19 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 341 ms
  • Prenos: 7,61 Mbps
  • Nalaganje: 5,88 Mbps

UK Server (London)

  • Ping: 56ms
  • Prenos: 80,25 Mbps
  • Nalaganje: 42,09 Mbps

IPVanish offers respectable download and upload speeds. When connected from EU to EU they only throttled my speed by 18%. However,  it’s hard to justify the cost of their service when you compare the US speeds that they offer with the speeds of other, less expensive services. For example, the download speeds of IPVanish (on the U.S. based servers) were slower than NordVPN and SaferVPN (read review), which both cost less than $4/month.

Dostojna delovna aplikacija

Namestitev njihove aplikacije je bila precej gladka, neposredna (čeprav moteče sem morala računalnik nato znova zagnati). Po zagonu programske opreme je bilo takoj očitno, da IPVanish ponuja intuitiven in enostaven za uporabo vmesnik. Zdaj ponujajo tudi stikalo za ubijanje za uporabnike Windows in Mac. Olajšajo vam iskanje vsega, kar potrebujete, in vam dajo številne nastavitve in možnosti, s katerimi se lahko igrate.

IPVanish uporabnost

Edina pritožba glede njihovega vmesnika je ta, da ne ponujajo navodil za nastavitev in uporabo proxyja SOCKS5 s portala računov.

Proxy IPVanish SOCKS5

While this isn’t a huge deal and can easily be resolved with a quick Google search (or by reviewing IPVanish’s article on the topic), with the SOCKS5 proxy being such a huge selling point, you would think that they would streamline the setup process as much as possible.

Brez prometnih dnevnikov

If you read through the fine print in the privacy policy of many VPN services, you might be shocked to realize that their advertised “Anonymous Browsing Experience” isn’t so anonymous after all.

In fact, if you choose the wrong provider, your personal data and information could be stored on one of the company’s internal servers and the privacy policy (which you agreed to) gives them the rights to use that data for a whatever purposes they see fit.

  • Unfortunately, we have mixed feelings about IPVanish’s “no logs” policy. They’ve been in the news in the past for logging and handing over data for a user to Homeland Security, despite claiming that they keep no logs.
  • That doesn’t give users who use their service full trust in them. This happened in 2016, though. They’ve since been taken over by a new company, called StackPath, that promises full assurance of privacy and security.
  • Imamo strogo politiko proti zbiranju dnevnikov povezav in dejavnosti. Nikoli ne bomo shranili metapodatkov o vaši seji VPN ali informacij o tem, kako ste uporabljali storitev. Čeprav v spletu niste nikoli zares anonimni, je IPVanish eno redkih omrežij VPN, s katerim se lahko čim bolj približate popolni anonimnosti.

Močno šifriranje (AES-256)

IPVanish relies on the same encryption protocol, AES-256, that is used by many of the world’s leading security agencies and government organizations. With the rapidly increasing number of brute force cyber attacks, this is a huge plus. In December of 2016, WordFence, a WordPress security plugin, noticed a dramatic increase in the number of brute force attacks being executed against WordPress websites (which power more than 25% of the internet).

  • Dejansko so se stvari tako poslabšale, da je bilo naenkrat na dan več kot 30.000 napadalnih IP-jev! Čeprav bi morala ta statistika mnogim lastnikom spletnih mest služiti kot poziv k prebujanju, pa tudi ne bi smela biti razlog za alarm.
  • Z brskanjem po spletu s šifriranim VPN AES-256 (na primer IPVanish) bodo vaš naslov IP in vsi osebni podatki zaščiteni pred hekerji do te mere, da bodo vaši podatki tako rekoč Brute Force Proof. To tudi pomeni, da se lahko izognete specifični cenzuri, ki jo spodbujajo šole, delodajalci in vlade.

Prenesite brezplačni spletni strežnik SOCKS5

Like most VPN providers, IPVanish allows users access to several different protocols including the default OpenVPN as well as PPTP, and L2TP. While OpenVPN’s are generally the recommended protocol since they offer fast speeds that don’t sacrifice privacy or security, they do come with a downside.

  • Slaba stran je ta, da morate odjemalca naložiti neposredno v svojo napravo, da boste lahko dostopali do edinstvenega potrdila, potrebnega za vzpostavitev varne povezave. Na srečo obstaja alternativa.
  • IPVanish svojim strankam omogoča dostop do posebnega protokola strežnika proxy, imenovanega SOCKS ali Socket Security. Ta protokol vam omogoča, da uživate enake prednosti običajnega omrežja VPN, ne da bi vam bilo treba prenesti programsko opremo v katero koli svojo napravo. To pomeni, da lahko svoj naslov IP skrijete, skrijete osebne podatke in uživate v hitrejšem delovanju, ne da bi morali naložiti vsiljivo orodje tretjih oseb.

Čeprav nekaterim strankam (zlasti posameznikom, ki se želijo izogniti zakonom o cenzuri ali drugim omejitvam, povezanim z intelektualno lastnino), ponuja ogromno storitev, je treba opozoriti, da sta hitrost in brskanje brez nalaganja stroški.

The reason a SOCKS proxy is able to achieve faster speeds than a traditional VPN is that it doesn’t use the same encryption standards. In other words, it doesn’t offer the same privacy and security protocols that prevent hackers, cyber-criminals, and governments from accessing your personal information.

While the proxy does an admiral job of obfuscating your location, it does little-to-no good when it comes to protecting your privacy and security. Even though this is a “Pro” for IPVanish and certainly a unique protocol to offer, be cautious and educate yourself about the SOCKS proxy before taking advantage of this feature.

Hudourništvo je dovoljeno

With IPVanish, not only is torrenting (P2P) allowed. It’s blatantly encouraged. Unlike many VPN providers, IPVanish has no qualms about customers using their service to Torrent freely and privately. Their carefree attitude towards torrenting might anger some anti-piracy advocates, however, for the average VPN user, this feature is a major bonus. If you are looking for the popoln VPN za torrenting, ta znamka je popoln partner.

Omejitev povezave desetih naprav

One of my favorite “Features” of IPVanish is that they allow you to simultaneously connect up to 10 devices. Most VPN services, including premium companies like ExpressVPN, limit your simultaneous connections to 3 devices. This might not seem like a big deal to some of you, however, for those of you with family members or spouses, buying a second license can be a huge frustration and unwanted expense.

However, with IPVanish’s generous 10-device limit, you, your spouse, and even your kids can browse safely and securely, all at the same time.

Nekateri strežniki odblokirajo Netflix

IPVanish doesn’t specifically state on their site if they’ll work with Netflix ali ne. Večina ponudnikov VPN se je v zadnjih nekaj letih začela izogibati uradnim izjavam, ker velikan za pretakanje video posnetkov zdaj uporablja enega najsodobnejših sistemov za zaznavanje VPN do zdaj.

But regardless of their official stance, we still test them. We connect to different country servers, fire up Netflix, and try to stream something. Anything! Results didn’t start out well with IPVanish because the first three servers we tried didn’t work:

  1. Kanada
  2. Združeno kraljestvo
  3. Nizozemska

Vendar je bil četrti čas čar! Povezali smo se z ameriškim strežnikom v Chicagu in uspeli zaobiti zaznavanje s strežnikom United States: Chicago. Vprašanje je bilo le, da je strežnik nekoliko zaostajal. Torej, če potrebujete VPN, ki deluje z Netflixom, preberite to.

TOR združljivost

TOR ali omrežje Orion je omrežje, ki šifrira in posreduje vaše prometne informacije na več strežnikih, kar zagotavlja, da je težko (beri: nemogoče) slediti vaši lokaciji v realnem času.

Za tiste, ki potrebujete resne varnostne ukrepe za boj proti vladnemu zakonu o nadzoru ali cenzuri, vam TOR omogoča, da ustvarite drugo stopnjo varnosti z obstoječim VPN-jem, da povečate svojo zasebnost in zagotovite, da vaša lokacija in identiteta ostaneta zasebni.

kupi ip izgine na spletu

IPVanish Cons

One of the greatest annoyances when using a VPN is that the industry’s customer service is notoriously unreliable. Sadly, IPVanish propagates this stereotype… and then some. While their advertisements and marketing promise that users will have access to 24/7/365 support – it’s just not true.For starters, they don’t even have a live chat option (which makes me wonder how in the world they thought that they could advertise 24/7 live support?)

This means that if you ever did need to get instant help, you wouldn’t be able to. And when you do send in a support ticket, you don’t receive an immediate (or even remotely fast) response. To fully understand how their support works I submitted 1 simple question and here’s (auto) their response:

Podpora za IPVanish

1-2 days to reply? So much for 24/7/365 support. In fact, after submitting my support ticket Friday afternoon, I didn’t receive a full reply from the support team until Monday. That’s more than 60 hours of time during which I received no support. Certainly not a plus in my book. Although they do have support center and knowledge base which is quite helpful, it doesn’t pardon the fact that they blatantly lie in their advertising and provide you with customer service that is a far cry from what you expect going in.

  • Ali menite, da morda potrebujete takojšnjo podporo za svojo storitev VPN?
  • Then don’t bother with IPVanish… unless your definition of “instant” is 48 hours+.

IPVanish Cene

One of the great things about IPVanish is that they don’t dilute their services by offering the traditional “Tiered Packages”. There is no “IPVanish Bronze” or “IPVanish Platinum”. Instead, every customer receives exactly the same service with the only difference being the length of time for which they have access to that service.

Cenovne stopnje za IPVanish VPN

Since I’ve never actually seen them offering their services for $11.99 a month, I will just chalk the advertised “17%/month savings” up to clever marketing and say that this plan is the equivalent of:

  • $7,50 na mesec
  • $90 na leto

I have, however, seen them offer this monthly service for $10 per month. It’s good to see that them offer this 25% discount off their former pricing. We hope that it sticks around. Unlike most VPN providers (and much to our surprise), IPVanish does not offer the traditional 6-month pricing option. In its place they offer a quarterly 3-month pricing plan billed four times per year at $20.24.

To se nanaša na:

  • $6,75 na mesec
  • $81 na leto

Večina ponudnikov VPN razvršča svoje stroške, kar pomeni, da več časa, ko se zavežete za nižjo mesečno ceno. Vsak, ki išče najboljšo možno ponudbo na IPVanish, bi se želel odločiti za enoletno obveznost.

Načrt je samo pri $58.49 enak:

  • $4,87 na mesec
  • $58,49 na leto

IPVanish ponuja tudi 7-dnevno garancijo za vračilo denarja pri vsakem načrtu in vam omogoča, da plačujete s skoraj kakršnim koli načinom, ki ga želite (vključno s kreditno kartico, PayPal in celo Bitcoin za anonimna plačila).

Načini plačila IPVanish

While these prices are nowhere near as expensive as some of their more premium competitors (I’m looking at you ExpressVPN), they are still a far cry from “Budget Friendly”.

This fact is painfully illustrated when you take a look at the pricing plans offered by PIA and many other cheaper VPNs; you’ll quickly realize that you can find other high-quality VPN providers for less than half the price of IPVanish.

  • Cenim vseobsegajoče cene in všeč mi je preprostost njihove ponudbe, toda odkrito mislim, da IPVanish njihovemu podjetju in njihovim strankam dela slabo uslugo, ker ne ponuja bolj strmega popusta na njihov letni načrt. Da pa boste resnično ugotovili, ali je IPVanish vreden naložbe, morate najprej vedeti, kaj dobite v zameno za svojo naložbo.

Ali priporočamo IPVanish?

The answer is… It depends on what you are looking for. IPVanish provides a reliable service at a reasonable price and while it doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking or truly exceptional, it does offer several features (like the SOCKS5 protocol) that make it appealing to a certain demographic of VPN users.

However, for most VPN buyers, I would be hard-pressed to recommend IPVanish (if for no other reason) due to the quality of their competition. IPVanish isn’t a bad VPN, but the shoddy customer service, compatibility issues, and the simple fact that you can find better offers for cheaper like NordVPNSurfshark ali Cyberghost.

IPVanish ponuja skoraj vse, kar potrebujete, vključno z odličnim šifriranjem, široko izbiro lokacij strežnikov in tisoče naslovov IP. Zmožnost preklapljanja med naslovi IP kadar koli želite je zelo lepa lastnost, ki dobro deluje.

The price is fine, especially at the time of discount offers, but it’s definately not poceni. Tega ponudnika VPN priporočamo vsem, ki želijo zaobiti spletne omejitve ali omejitve države. Ljudem, ki želijo izboljšati svojo zasebnost v spletu ali skriti svoje navade brskanja in nalaganja, priporočamo druge ponudnike VPN.

  • Hitri vrhunski ponudnik
  • Brez umetnih omejitev hitrosti povezave
  • Neomejena pasovna širina (brez podatkovnih omejitev)
  • Prosta programska oprema (deluje z operacijskim sistemom Windows, MacOSx, Ubuntu Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chomebooks in usmerjevalniki)
  • Neomejeno preklapljanje med različnimi naslovi IP in strežniki
  • 40.000+ skupnih naslovov IP na 1500+ strežnikih VPN v 75+ državah

mac vpn

VPN za Mac


| Uredi

Navodila za VPN za Mac (2021) + nasveti
Tu je seznam 7 najboljših ponudnikov VPN, ki delajo z Macbookom v sistemu MacOS: Iskanje VPN za Mac ni tako preprosto, kot se sliši. Prvič, mnogi VPN -ji nimajo samostojne aplikacije za naprave Mac. To pomeni, da je treba vzpostaviti…

Ali IPVanish vodi dnevnike?

Today, IPVanish claims to keep a strict no-logs policy. This was not the case during a data-logging scandal in 2016. IPVanish complied with the Department of Homeland Security’s request for user information. The individual was involved in a child abuse and pornography investigation, and ultimately, this information helped the investigation. However, their compliance proved that they kept logs.

It is important to remember that the IPVanish provider is based in the US, and therefore subject to the 5/9/14 Eyes’ jurisdiction. This means that they can be summoned to turn over any records they have on an individual to the government.

Toda ali je to varnostna grožnja vam ali meni? No, ne, predvsem zato, ker je bilo to vprašanje rešeno. IPVanish je StackPath prevzel leta 2017, njegovo novo upravljanje pa zagotavlja, da ne shranjujejo nobenih dnevnikov.

Ali ima IPVanish blokator oglasov?

IPVanish nima vgrajenega blokatorja oglasov. Lahko pa uporabljate blokatorje oglasov drugih proizvajalcev, ko ste povezani s strežniki IPVanish.

Ali IPVanish deluje na Kitajskem?

IPVanish blokira kitajski Veliki požarni zid.

Ali ima IPVanish brezplačno različico?

IPVanish uporabnikom, ki se prijavijo z njegovo aplikacijo za iOS, ponuja brezplačno 7-dnevno preskusno različico.

Je IPVanish združljiv z mojo napravo?

IPVanish ponuja aplikacije za vse večje platforme, vključno z Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Windows Phone, Linux in Chromebook. Za zaščito po celotnem omrežju ga lahko namestite celo na usmerjevalnik. Kot dodaten bonus podpira tudi funkcije svetlobe / teme. Tako ga lahko prilagodite nastavitvam mobilne naprave.

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