ProtonVPN (2021) Recensione + Guida

Stai cercando un nuovo Recensione di ProtonVPN? È logico, negli ultimi due anni questi servizi hanno guadagnato un'enorme popolarità, quasi 30% degli utenti di Internet ha utilizzato servizi VPN negli ultimi 5 anni. noi a tested and tried all different providers for you, read our comprehensive ProtonVPN review and learn everything about this service, we are sure that once you’re done reading you will know if this provider suits you.

Chi e cosa è ProtonVPN?

In this review, I’ll test out their service and see how it performs vs. other free VPN providers. In short, it’s not that bad at all. ProtonVPN comes from the same CERN Scientist and Harvard Physics PhD brains behind ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email network. So they’ve already created a free-to-paid, encrypted internet privacy service in one space.

  • Surely they can do it in the VPN space, too? That’s what we’re here to find out. Over the past few months, we’ve been comprehensively testing their OpenVPN protocol, encryption connection standards, speed, security, pricing, and more.
  • ProtonVPN beneficia della sua partnership con il noto servizio di posta elettronica sicuro ProtonMail. Le due società sono legalmente separate per motivi di sicurezza, ma ProtonVPN attinge ancora molto alla tecnologia e alla sicurezza esistenti dal servizio di posta elettronica.

Tuttavia, i fan di ProtonMail saranno felici di sapere che ProtonVPN si concentra anche su sicurezza, privacy e totale anonimato. I suoi maggiori punti di forza includono un'interfaccia attraente e intuitiva, una solida sicurezza e una rigorosa politica di no-log. Gli svantaggi includono velocità non impressionanti, mancanza di supporto per la chat dal vivo e abbonamenti a lungo termine abbastanza costosi, se si desidera confrontare tutti questi fattori, leggi la migliore guida VPN per trovare il provider perfetto.

Quali sono i vantaggi e i pro?

  • Nessun file di registro
  • Versione gratuita disponibile
  • Buona squadra e visione
  • Funziona con Netflix per ora
  • Protocollo e crittografia standard del settore


USABILITA': Molto facile, supporta tutti i dispositivi
LOG FILES: Nessuna politica di registrazione
LOCALITÀ: 32 paesi, 345+ server
SUPPORTO: Sistema di ticket, tempi di risposta decenti
TORRENANTE: Torrent limitato 
CRITTOGRAFIA/PROTOCOLLO: AES 256, solo protocollo OpenVPN offerto 
COSTO: Gratuito o $4/mese (piano base)

ProtonVPN è sicuro e protetto

ProtonVPN was founded on the back of security experts. So you know the protocol and encryption standards will be top-notch. They also don’t disappoint in a few other key areas, like customer service and a rock-solid connection.

Eccezionali standard di sicurezza e privacy

ProtonVPN comes equipped with OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) and IKEv2 as its protocol, with the super-secure AES-256 encryption. This is bank-grade, state-of-the-art encryption standards. If you are going to suffer a hack, it won’t be because they broke through this encryption. Because it’s never been done. Instead, most hackers will cut their losses and go after other methods of breaking in, like guessing your password reminders.

Rigorosa politica di non registrazione

We’ve analyzed 118 VPN logging policies over the past few years. This is often boring, painstaking work. But it’s important, this is because pouring through this many terms and privacy policies has taught us where VPNs like to bury their privacy bodies.

  • For example, we’ve found that 7% of VPNs commonly log your connections data. And more than 30% of VPNs have suspicious (not straightforward) logging policy. These ones often use vague, technical jargon or legal terms to allow for ‘gray’ areas that might come back to haunt you.
  • Now, ProtonVPN has a solid reputation based on their past work. But we’ve also confirmed that when they say “no logging,” you can actually trust it.

Buona assistenza clienti

Ticket-based support systems usually make us cringe. That’s because we’ve all experienced the  several day delay between each email, which requires a week long back-and-forth process to answer even the simplest of questions.

  • That initial thought flashed through my head when I laid eyes on Proton’s support options. Reluctantly, I filled out the form with a few simple questions and hit “Send.” However, a reply hit my inbox within around 24 hours. And to my surprise, it wasn’t just a straight link to a knowledge base article on their site, either. It just needed to be relatively fast and direct. And that’s what it was. A pretty good experience all around.

Connessione senza perdite

DNS and Web-RTC leaks can accidentally expose your true IP address. These are typically caused by connection conflicts that open a teeny, tiny hole for your data to seep through. Sounds minor. But it isn’t. It allows your ISP, governments, and even two-bit hackers to spot you from a mile (or more) away.

  • So it completely undermines your use of a VPN. All without you even realizing it. ProtonVPN’s connection came out leak free in every test we ran. We also ran their install files through and found them to be completely free of malicious software.

Un server Netflix ha funzionato con ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN says on their site that Netflix will work on certain servers. The trick, I guess, is figuring out which ones. A lot of VPNs make that bold claim, but very few of them can actually back it up. What’s more, the VPNs that are successful in unblocking Netflix may not maintain that achievement for very long. That’s because Netflix is constantly trying to stop VPNs in their tracks, blocking access to its geo-locked content.

  • Tutti i contenuti di Netflix sono unici per l'area in cui si accede. Netflix ha stipulato alcuni accordi con i fornitori di contenuti per portare diversi spettacoli e film in diverse aree del mondo. Se fossi negli Stati Uniti, la tua lista di Netflix sarebbe molto diversa da quella di qualcuno che cerca di guardare nei Paesi Bassi.

To stop the unwanted flow of its restricted content, Netflix unleashed a powerful VPN detection and blocking system upon the internet. It swept through the VPN world like a tidal wave, knocking scores of platforms off of the world’s largest streaming service. However, despite this purge, there are a number of VPNs that still have some success in unblocking Netflix’s attempts to keep them out, so ProtonVPN isn’t la migliore VPN per Netflix.

  • Quando abbiamo recensito per la prima volta ProtonVPN, abbiamo testato cinque server. Erano nel Regno Unito, in Canada, nei Paesi Bassi e due server negli Stati Uniti. All'epoca, abbiamo scoperto che solo uno su cinque funzionava ed era il server nei Paesi Bassi. Lo abbiamo testato di nuovo nell'agosto 2019 e, ancora una volta, un server su cinque è connesso al servizio Netflix. Tuttavia, era un server diverso.
  • Il server del Regno Unito, un tempo destinatario del temuto schermo nero di Netflix, ha funzionato perfettamente quando ho effettuato l'accesso. Il server dei Paesi Bassi, una volta il nostro unico faro di speranza nella guerra contro i divieti di Netflix, purtroppo non funzionava quando lo abbiamo testato su questo tempo. ProtonVPN viene elencato tra i professionisti per avere un successo. Ma in pratica, tieni presente che le tue opzioni potrebbero essere un po' limitate qui, anche per l'uso della VPN di Kodi.

Facile da installare e utilizzare

When you’re choosing a VPN provider, the last thing you want is to open up some overly complicated system that you have to be a computer scientist in order to understand. That’s why the best VPNs are the simplest ones.

  • Sebbene ProtonVPN potrebbe non sembrare estremamente intuitivo all'inizio, l'aspetto può ingannare. Nonostante un tempo di download più lungo della media, ProtonVPN si è rivelato un sistema semplice da installare, che ha avuto una grande facilità d'uso una volta che ti sei abituato alla sua dashboard molto impegnata.
  • After signing up for ProtonVPN, you’re taken to the client dashboard. From there, you’ll be able to download the platform of your choice.

Schermata di download per ProtonVPN

After selecting the Windows download, I was still taken to yet another download page to actually select the Windows client and start the installation. This didn’t take up a lot of time but it was still strange that I had to select which program to download only to be taken to another page where I once again had to select which program to download.

Una volta terminato, il software ProtonVPN ha iniziato a essere scaricato. In genere il download del software VPN sul mio computer richiede dai 10 ai 30 secondi. Questo ha richiesto un po' più di tempo e mi sono ritrovato ad aspettare quasi due minuti. Ancora una volta, questa non è la fine del mondo e, una volta scaricato, l'installazione è avvenuta quasi istantaneamente.

Scarica il client per ProtonVPN

The sign in screen was plain and simple, which is always good when using a VPN. You want to be able to efficiently sign in without having to navigate through various options. Enter your username and password, and you’ll be connected. You can also set up your VPN client to remember your login information (not recommended on a shared computer) or to start up automatically with Windows.

Schermata di accesso a ProtonVPN

When you login for the first time, ProtonVPN takes an extra step that I haven’t seen many VPNs do before. It offers you a tour of its interface. This is particularly helpful, since as you’ll see momentarily, it can be a little intimidating when you see if for the first time.

One of them is the ability to create profiles, allowing you to save your settings in order to go back to them whenever you want. This is great for users who want to go right to their favorite Netflix server or one that was particularly fast. Once you’re connected to a server, there will be a green link in the upper left that says “Set as Profile.” Click on that and you can hold onto any of the servers that you enjoy without having to sift through the list to find them again.

ProtonVPN Tour

It also talks about the ProtonVPN Secure Core, which lets you add additional levels of security onto your browsing session. It should be noted that this service is only available to subscribers who purchase ProtonVPN’s Plus or Visionary plans.

ProtonVPN Tour 2

Once all of that was over I clicked on “Quick Connect” in the upper lefthand corner and was instantly connected to the fastest server they had.

Cliente ProtonVPN

While this interface might look like a NORAD computer screen, it’s actually a lot more simple than it appears. Everything you need is on the lefthand side. That includes the button to connect and disconnect, the server list, saved profiles, and the ability to activate Secure Core.

  • Un'altra caratteristica divertente è il fatto che la bandiera del paese che scegli appare in alto a sinistra. La mappa, che occupa la maggior parte di questa enorme interfaccia, esiste principalmente per mostrarti dove sul globo sta viaggiando il tuo segnale.
  • Monitora anche alcune delle tue altre informazioni come velocità, volume e durata della sessione. Queste sono informazioni importanti che molte VPN tralasciano.

Switching servers was a breeze. You find the server country you want from the list on the left, click on it, and you’ll automatically be connected to the best server in that region. You can also expand the list country by country to select specific servers. All in all, despite the longer than average setup time, this is a VPN that is easy to use and effective.

comprare protone vpn

ProtonVPN Contro

ProtonVPN gets high marks for their attention to security detail. However, there are still a few drawbacks we uncovered. Let’s take a look at each of them in-depth.

Si trovano in Svizzera

Switzerland has a history of being a ‘neutral’ country. One that protects the privacy of its citizens and doesn’t like to get involved in domestic conflicts. And all of that is true. Swiss laws do protect privacy. Generally speaking. The issue, though, is that Switzerland is also a cooperating member of the extended Eyes security alliance.

  • This is a worldwide agreement that essentially helps government agencies to spy on each others citizens in the name of worldwide safety. I don’t mean that in a conspiracy-theorist way. This has already been happening for decades.
  • So a Swiss-based location means you’re mostly good. Your privacy is mostly safe. The good news is that ProtonVPN doesn’t keep a lot of their customer data on file. But just keep in the back of their mind that their government might force them to cooperate.

Le velocità del server sono troppo lente per il prezzo

Speed is the great equaliser. All else being similar — pricing, features, security protocols, etc. — you’re going to go with the fastest option. Because speed makes all things possible (streaming, torrent downloads, or just a dozen tabs up while you’re bouncing around between browsing sessions).

  • Usiamo per ottenere una lettura del nostro benchmark, connessione Internet non VPN. Abbiamo ottenuto 97 Mbps in download e 53 Mbps in upload al momento di questa recensione. Quindi, ci colleghiamo ad alcuni server ProtonVPN diversi. Cerchiamo di selezionare quelli casuali in tutto il mondo per avere una visione equa e imparziale.
  • Finally, we calculate the differences and come up with a combined score that gets ranked against all of the other reviews we’ve previously done. Sound good? Check out each server test in detail now to see if this is one of the most fast VPN’s in the world.

Server USA (Est e Ovest)

ProtonVPN’s U.S. servers started extremely slow. The download speed, especially, would make most torrenting activities slow to a crawl.

  • Ping: 190 ms
  • Download: 24,6 Mbps (75% più lento)
  • Caricamento: 36,4 Mbps (31% più lento)

Server UE (Svizzera)

The EU servers, on the other hand, didn’t disappoint. This probably also had something to do with our closer proximity to this servers. Even something as simple as physical distance between you and the connected server can impact performance. But credit where credits due.

  • Ping: 66 ms
  • Download: 54,46 Mbps (44% più lento)
  • Caricamento: 37,86 Mbps (29% più lento)

Server asiatici (Hong Kong)

Pensavamo che le velocità dei server statunitensi fossero pessime. Fino a quando non abbiamo visto quelli asiatici da Hong Kong. 85% più lento su tutta la linea.

  • Ping: 317 ms
  • Download: 16 Mbps (84% più lento)
  • Caricamento: 6,4 Mbps (88% più lento)

Server del Regno Unito

And last but not least, a UK server feel somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the ‘good’ side of the middle.

  • Ping: 46 ms
  • Download: 52 Mbps (46% più lento)
  • Caricamento: 47 Mbps (11% più lento)

Questi risultati sono stati deludenti su tutta la linea. Coerente, sì. Ma costantemente lento non va bene.

Compatibilità dispositivo limitata

The best VPNs we’ve reviewed all provide pre-built apps for every device imaginable. This way, all you have to do is point and click. No technical experience required. No manual labor needed. ProtonVPN provides pre-built apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android devices.

  • Unfortunately, that’s all they provide. Any users of TOR will find that this VPN is sadly incompatible with it. The last time I reviewed ProtonVPN, they did not have a native app for iOS clients.

Now in 2021, they now have a native iOS app. But even worse, it means there’s no pre-built option for smart TVs or gaming consoles. While there was no support for routers the last time I reviewed ProtonVPN, they now support installing their VPN on DD-WRT, AsusWRT, and Tomato routers. They’ve got 345 servers in 32 countries, which could be a problem for people who esamina le VPN per il torrenting.

Torrent limitato disponibile

Unfortunatley, ProtonVPN doesn’t allow unlimited torrenting. It’s not allowed at all on free plans. The reasoning is that “P2P would increase the load on our servers due to torrenting and this would put more pressure on us, ultimately not allowing us to subsidise the free accounts from the paid ones.” That’s understandable.

It is allowed on paid ones, but only on certain servers. Again, the reasoning is that they channel P2P traffic through neutral “safe countries.” However, they also take this moment to bring up Swiss law: “File sharing is only permitted for personal, non-commercial use.” So yes, they allow it. But there are several restrictions which might make it impractical for you.

Protocolli limitati (solo OpenVPN)

This last one is on the border. ProtonVPN only offers the OpenVPN protocol. Technically speaking, this is a GREAT thing. It’s the state-of-the-art industry standard. Almost everyone, everywhere should use ONLY use OpenVPN. So why is this showing up under the Cons section? Because not everyone has the choice of only using this protocol option.

  • Many older devices, or even some less expensive new ones like some Chromebooks, don’t offer OpenVPN support just yet. Instead, you’ll have to connect through a different (albeit, less-desirable) protocol like L2TP or PPTP.
  • These other options aren’t nearly as secure. And in most cases you wouldn’t want to use them. You don’t always have that choice. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And for that reason, ProtonVPN might not work for large cross-section of potential customers.

Prezzi di ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN ha quattro piani tra cui scegliere, con sconti opzionali per il pagamento annuale. Quindi i prezzi sotto INCLUDONO lo sconto annuale ~20%.

Gratuito: $0/mese

Yes, Proton has a free VPN. But yes, it’s also pretty bare bones. The service comes with only three server locations: The Netherlands, USA, and Japan. It doesn’t come with any extra features. But it does help you unlock a free seven-day trial of their paid plans. So that might be a good way to dip your toe into ProtonVPN’s waters without spending a single cent.

Base: $4/mese

Proton’s Basic plan is a marginal upgrade on the free one to be honest. You do get access to all countries, but not Plus, Secure, or Tor servers. Your speed access is “high” but not the “highest.” Plus, you only can connect two simultaneous devices. So kinda a bummer to be honest. Skip over this option.

Più: $8/mese

Proton’s Plus plan increases your connection limitation up to five devices. Speed is the “highest,” and you get access to Plus, Secure Core, and Tor servers. This is probably the only plan you should go with to be honest.

The fourth plan, Visionary, is kinda the same as the Plus, but with a cross-sell for their ProtonMail offering. So that’s also a decent option at $24/month (paid annual) if you were already considering both encrypted options. Otherwise, you can pay for all of these plans with either credit card or PayPal. Nothing else (cash, bitcoin, etc.) from what we’ve seen.

ProtonVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you only get a prorated amount of the “unused portion.” In other words, if you use it for 10 days, you’ll get a refund for 20 days worth. That’s not a great refund policy compared to others, like CyberGhost, which offers a full “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. Refunds in the original currency or payment method you used will be given, too.

Consigliamo ProtonVPN?

No, we don’t. ProtonVPN features an awesome connection with the highest security considerations. Their customer service was good and Netflix even worked on one server. Unfortunately, it’s a few other areas that let it down in the end, one things is for sure, it’s better then utilizzando una VPN gratuita. 

A Switzerland home base is generally a good thing for privacy. But they are cooperative with other aggressive government agencies around the world. Honestly, the server speeds were not good. Device options are limited. And the pricing, even with a 20% annual discount, is still on the high end for what you’re getting in return. There are just so many better options available, with the same connection strength, faster performance, and more devices, for far less.

ProtonVPN è un giocatore abbastanza nuovo nel mondo delle VPN, ma ha già costruito una solida reputazione. Gestiscono molto bene la sicurezza dei loro server e offrono molte opzioni per rafforzarla. Secure Core assicura che gli utenti premium siano ancora più sicuri. Inoltre, la VPN ha un prezzo decente, fornisce l'accesso a Netflix e la possibilità di scaricare torrent ed è abbastanza semplice e veloce.

  • ProtonVPN funziona solo con protocolli altamente sicuri
  • Criterio di registro: solo registri di connessione
  • ProtonVPN’s apps are open source
  • ProtonVPN ha un kill switch integrato e la possibilità di connettersi automaticamente a un altro server VPN
  • Per creare un account è necessario fornire un indirizzo e-mail e le informazioni di pagamento

ProtonVPN conserva i registri?

Situata in una Svizzera rispettosa della privacy, ProtonVPN si concentra fortemente sulla fornitura dell'anonimato totale agli utenti. L'informativa sulla privacy è molto trasparente e semplice.

ProtonVPN follows a strict no-logging policy that is backed up by Swiss law, which doesn’t require retention of any information about your connection, session bandwidth, IP address, or online activity. Because ProtonVPN doesn’t keep any user logs, it can’t be forced to hand over identifying information to any third parties.

If you’re looking for an even stronger guarantee of anonymity, you can take advantage of the Tor over VPN service, which will direct your traffic through the Tor network without you having to download the Tor browser.

ProtonVPN ha un blocco degli annunci?

ProtonVPN offers NetShield to its Plus and Visionary users and comes with three levels of protection. You can set it to block malware, trackers, and ads, malware only, or nothing at all. Whenever you change the settings, you’ll need to also reconnect the VPN.

ProtonVPN funziona in Cina?

ProtonVPN can be a good choice if you are looking to bypass China’s tough censorship. There are multiple server locations near China, including Hong Kong, that get decent speeds. However, some server locations may be blocked. To avoid trial and error, you can email the support team to request a list of recommended servers for use in China.

ProtonVPN è compatibile con il mio dispositivo?

ProtonVPN offre una buona compatibilità con i dispositivi, con app native intuitive per Windows, macOS, iOS e Android. Tutte le app sono open source e sono state sottoposte a un audit indipendente e puoi utilizzare OpenVPN nella versione beta di iOS. Puoi anche trovare guide dettagliate alla configurazione manuale per Linux e la sua nuova riga di comando Linux migliorata è la fase beta del test.

ProtonVPN recently released an app for ChromeOS as well, it’s available for any Chromebook that supports Android apps.

Il numero di dispositivi simultanei supportati dipende dal livello di abbonamento. I piani gratuiti consentono un solo dispositivo, i piani Basic consentono due dispositivi simultanei, i piani Plus consentono cinque dispositivi simultanei e i piani Visionary consentono 10 dispositivi simultanei.

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