VyprVPN (2021) Revisión + Guía

¿Estás buscando una nueva VyprVPN review? Eso es lógico, en los últimos años estos servicios han ganado una enorme popularidad, casi el 30% de los usuarios de Internet ha estado utilizando servicios VPN durante los últimos 5 años. Nosotros en Globalwatchonline.com tested and tried all different providers for you, read our comprehensive VyprVPN review and learn everything about this service, we are sure that once you’re done reading you will know if this provider suits you.

Who and what is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is a popular VPN service created by Switzerland-based Golden Frog. This VPN has worked hard to establish itself as a trusted provider and advocate of internet privacy. The provider has also been taking steps to improve its reliability, security, and quality of service based on customer requests.

  • However, does VyprVPN really make the cut? Here’s a preview: when it comes to privacy, geoblocking, and price, VyprVPN makes the cut. It can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu, but where it falters is speed (read on for specifics). Speedier VPNs like ExpressVPN podría ser una mejor opción para sitios de transmisión y P2P.
  • Switzerland based company Golden Frog (the parent company of VyprVPN) has been an integral player in the fight for online privacy since the inception of the internet. According to their website, the company was founded in response to the Room 641a incident where the NSA was illegally surveilling citizens by tapping the AT&T network cables.

Allegedly, Golden Frog filed a formal complaint with the FCC to try and expose the issue to the public, but was ignored. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. Lead by Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis (relatives), Golden Frog and their 20+ employees have been on the frontlines of the battle for internet privacy in recent years and have built a strong reputation as one of los mejores proveedores de VPN en la web.

¿Cuáles son las ventajas y las ventajas?

  • Aplicaciones para todas las plataformas principales
  • Velocidades rápidas con más de 700 servidores en más de 70 ubicaciones
  • Evita el gran cortafuegos de China
  • Unblocks 45+ streaming libraries — including US Netflix
  • Ancho de banda ilimitado y conmutación de servidor
  • Hasta 5 conexiones simultáneas
  • 30 días de garantía de devolución de dinero

Tabla de contenido

USABILIDAD:  Fácil de usar
ARCHIVOS DE REGISTRO: Algunos registros
UBICACIONES: 64 países, más de 700 servidores
APOYO:  Chat en vivo y sistema de tickets
TORRENTE:  Torrent Desalentado
COSTO: $5.00 / mes (anual)
PÁGINA WEB OFICIAL: www.vyprvpn.com

Política de registro

With such a long and rich history of fighting for internet security and individual privacy rights, you would imagine that VyprVPN would provide a strict “Zero Logs” policy. Initially, this wasn’t quite the case. VyprVPN used to keep the following information for 30 days after your last session:

  • Dirección IP de VyprVPN utilizada por el usuario
  • Hora de inicio y finalización de la conexión
  • Número total de bytes usados

However, when we checked their policy again in March 2019 we found that they had changed their approach and we can now confirm that they truly keep no logs. It’s also important to consider that, even though Switzerland resides outside of the five, nine, and fourteen eyes countries, their data retention laws and internet privacy policies aren’t as favorable as many people claim and they could pose as a potential issue for some users.

¿VyprVPN es rápido?

With a download speed of 74.48 Mbps VyprVPN slowed my connection by a little bit less than 24% which is more than acceptable. However, some of their other servers didn’t fare quite as well and they certainly don’t belong to los proveedores de VPN más rápidos en 2021.

Servidor de EE. UU. (Nueva York)

  • Ping: 131 ms
  • Descarga: 51.09 Mbps
  • Carga: 3,17 Mbps

Servidor de la UE (Ámsterdam)

  • Ping: 42 ms
  • Descarga: 74.48 Mbps
  • Subida: 35,88 Mbps

Servidor de Asia (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 355 ms
  • Descarga: 54.29 Mbps
  • Carga: 8.22 Mbps

Servidor del Reino Unido (Londres)

  • Ping: 53 ms
  • Descarga: 70.46 Mbps
  • Subida: 37,47 Mbps

La velocidad del servidor VyprVPN es correcta

As you can see, VyprVPN’s EU servers are highly optimized and provide their users with rapid download and upload speeds. Their U.S. servers, on the other hand, leave something to be desired.  Although VyprVPN performs just as well as it always has, there have been a number of new additions to the VPN marketplace that have knocked VyprVPN out of the ranking for the fastest VPNs.

  • Las velocidades mediocres de sus servidores de EE. UU. Han provocado que VyprVPN caiga de la cuarta VPN más rápida a la 18 (lo que es una caída considerable). Con compañías como Private Tunnel y ExpressVPN que se desempeñan considerablemente más rápido que VyprVPN, Golden Frog tendrá mucho trabajo por delante en los próximos meses para que sus servidores de EE. UU. Vuelvan a estar a la par y compitan con los otros actores principales en el mercado de VPN.

¿VyprVPN funciona con Netflix?

If you’re buying a VPN to bypass geoblocks on popular streaming services like Netflix, VyprVPN is a great choice. The provider has been working on a big overhaul of their streaming service in an attempt to improve the VPN’s access to popular streaming sites in different parts of the world. In fact, it offers support for 45+ streaming libraries giving you access to countless movies and TV shows. At the moment this is one of the best Netflix VPN’s of the world.

VyprVPN’s proprietary Chameleon™ technology prevents Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which helps it escape geo-restrictions and VPN bans on popular streaming sites. We were able to access US Netflix on multiple servers without a problem. VyprVPN also gave us excellent speeds on the US servers, which is perfect for HD streaming. The VPN was also able to successfully access other popular US streaming sites like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

  • VyprVPN’s UK server was able to access Netflix UK, ITV, Eurosport, and BBC iPlayer during our tests.
  • Su servidor canadiense nos permitió transmitir Netflix Canadá, DAZN, MuchTV y NHL.TV.
  • VyprVPN ha realizado algunas actualizaciones recientes en su servidor alemán. Pudimos desbloquear Netflix Alemania, DAZN, Eurosport, RTL, Sky Go Alemania, ARD, ZDF y Pro 7.

Con otras ubicaciones de servidores, obtuvimos resultados en su mayoría positivos, pero también encontramos margen de mejora. La mayoría de los países que probamos pudieron acceder a Netflix, pero algunas ubicaciones populares como Francia fueron atrapadas por la prohibición de VPN.

¿Está permitido descargar torrents?

Although VyprVPN and Golden Frog have kept fairly quiet regarding their opinion on P2P file sharing and torrenting, I was able to find the following statement on their help center. Heck, VyprVPN even allows their customers to use BitTorrent clients and claim that they don’t actively monitor any of your network activity while usando esta VPN para descargar torrents en 2021.

  • Cuando indagué un poco más, descubrí que muchos clientes de GoldenFrog tenían sus cuentas suspendidas debido a avisos de infracción de derechos de autor y el equipo de soporte respondió a estas suspensiones con la siguiente declaración.
  • So even though you can technically torrent files with VyprVPN it’s important to note that if you break any copyright laws, you will likely have your account canceled or suspended (and unfortunately, there are no refunds).

¿Qué dispositivos son compatibles?

VyprVPN es compatible con todos los dispositivos principales, incluidos Android, iOS, Windows, Mac y Linux. Además de estos dispositivos básicos, VyprVPN también le permite anonimizar su enrutador, Apple TV y Android TV. También puede utilizar este proveedor en combinación con un enrutador VPN.

Compatibilidad con VyprVPN

At this time, it does not appear that VyprVPN offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, but no one uses that anyways right. In addition, VyprVPN is not compatible with TOR (the Orion Router) or any other third party proxies so if you’re looking to add an extra layer of anonymity and security to your VPN experience, you might need to look at some other providers, especially if you want to use esta VPN para Kodi.

¿VyprVPN es fácil de usar?

One of the areas where VyprVPN really shines is in its usability…

  1. I’ve tested out dozens of VPNs and of the 70+ applications that I’ve used, VyprVPN is by far one of the simplest and smoothest to use.
  2. After clicking a few buttons and agreeing to their Terms of Service, VyprVPN is instantly downloaded to your device and you’re brought to their easy-to-use home interface.
  3. From here, it’s easy to access the settings menu and quickly change your connection, tunneling protocol, or DNS settings.

Configuración de la aplicación VyprVPN

Con todo, VyprVPN ofrece a sus clientes una aplicación simple y fácil de usar que permite una navegación y una eficiencia sin esfuerzo.

Servidores y funciones adicionales

Con más de 700 servidores repartidos en más de 70 países, VyprVPN ofrece a sus clientes acceso a una de las redes y parques de servidores más grandes que se haya revisado en este sitio. Además de esta impresionante cifra, también son una de las pocas empresas de VPN que escriben y alojan sus propios servidores y DNS.

  • Esto significa que son dueños de TODA la red que está utilizando mientras está conectado a su cliente VPN y son la única parte que tiene acceso a su información privada.
  • Además, ofrecen una fantástica función de interruptor que te permite estar tranquilo sabiendo que, incluso si te desconectas de uno de sus servidores (un problema que nunca encontré), todas tus actividades se cerrarán inmediatamente, impidiéndote a ti oa tu información. de estar comprometido.

comprar vypr vpn en línea

Servicio al cliente de VyprVPN

In the past, we have had complaints about VyprVPN’s lack of live chat service and slow response times. However, we were pleased with the improvements that VyprVPN has made to their customer service.

  • Ahora puede ponerse en contacto con el soporte a través de un formulario de solicitud por correo electrónico o su servicio de chat en vivo 24/7. Tuvimos experiencias positivas con el equipo de atención al cliente de VyprVPN en ambas plataformas. Nuestra solicitud por correo electrónico a través del sitio web fue respondida en 20 minutos y obtuvimos una respuesta del servicio de chat en vivo en varios minutos. Ambos métodos son receptivos, educados y útiles.
  • El sitio web de VyprVPN también proporciona excelentes recursos para ayudar con problemas comunes. Puede encontrar una página de preguntas frecuentes, guías de solución de problemas, tutoriales de configuración y cierta información general sobre las VPN y la privacidad en línea.

VyprVPN y WireGuard

WireGuard is one of the newest protocols in the VPN world and is now available on all VyprVPN apps. WireGuard is an open-source protocol that provides VPN users with the highest level of security and privacy as possible. It also helps to increase speeds. Its features include a much slimmer codebase – which mean VyprVPN apps are faster and more responsive. WireGuard also includes much stronger encryption. All the features of WireGuard equate to a faster, safer, and more reliable VPN.

Precios de VyprVPN

Unlike most of the big name VPNs on the market, VyprVPN doesn’t offer a “One Size Fits All” plan. Instead, they offer two different subscriptions, basic and premium, to buy a VyprVPN.

El plan básico

  • $60.00 / año cuando selecciona el plan anual ($5.00 / mes)
  • $9.95 / mes por una suscripción mensual
  • 3 conexiones simultáneas
  • Uso de datos ilimitado

El Plan Premium

  • $80.00 / año cuando se factura anualmente ($6.67 / mes)
  • $12.95 / mes por una suscripción mensual
  • 5 conexiones simultáneas
  • VyprVPN Cloud incluido
  • Camaleón incluido

I’m not a fan of VPNs that offer basic vs. premium pricing plans but, for all intents and purposes, VyprVPN charges a fair price for their large server park, fast download speeds, and Netflix compatibility. Since all plans come with a 3-day free trial (without bandwidth limit), VyprVPN does not offer refunds under any circumstances so be sure to test out their service as thoroughly as possible before committing to a yearly plan. Luckily, canceling your VyprVPN trial or subscription is actually pretty simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Inicie sesión en su panel de control (URL)
  2. Click “Accounts” and then “Cancel Service”
  3. Responde por qué quieres cancelar
  4. Cancelación de la cuenta de VyprVPN

Considering how many VPN providers offer shady refund terms and hidden charges, it’s refreshing to see that VyprVPN is straightforward and transparent about the entire payment process. One final note to consider is that VyprVPN does not offer any anonymous payment options. You can only pay with a debit or credit card, PayPal, or AliPay.Sorry Bitcoin fans, if you want to pay anonymously, VyprVPN is not the service for you.

¿Recomendamos VyprVPN?

VyprVPN es un excelente proveedor de VPN que ofrece a sus clientes acceso a funciones de seguridad de primera línea, un amplio parque de servidores, compatibilidad con Netflix y un servicio al cliente decente. Sin embargo, su falta de opciones de pago anónimas y las preocupaciones legales en torno a los archivos de torrents pueden plantear un problema grave para algunos usuarios. En ese caso, recomendaríamos otro proveedor como Surfshark VPN de Private Internet Access.

When you consider just how many excellent VPNs are in the same price range it’s hard to justify purchasing a VyprVPN subscription over one of their faster or more feature rich competitors.At the end of the day, if your primary concern is security and anonymity, VyprVPN is one of the best services on the market, it’s not barato aunque, y ciertamente no gratis.

  • It’s clear that VyprVPN is a great VPN provider that is committed to constantly improving their quality of service. We were impressed with the recent changes that the provider has made to their performance, privacy policy, and customer service.
  • Después de estos cambios recientes, ahora podemos recomendar VyprVPN para cualquiera que busque privacidad en línea, soporte para torrents y la capacidad de eludir la censura y las restricciones geográficas de transmisión.

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¿VyprVPN es bueno para descargar torrents?

VyprVPN has never banned torrenting, but in the past it wasn’t strongly encouraged. However, some recent policy changes have made this VPN much more torrent-friendly. The provider’s recent transition to a strict no-log policy means that VyprVPN is now able to offer a much stronger claim of privacy and anonymity than in the past — especially since the policy has been independently audited. With no usage or connection logs on record, VyprVPN is unable to provide any information in response to DMCA requests. We will discuss this policy change in more detail below.

¿Es seguro VyprVPN?

VyprVPN protects your internet connection with secure AES 256-bit encryption. The VPN also offers additional protection with extra security features like an automatic kill switch and a NAT Firewall to block malware. One of VyprVPN’s best features is its proprietary Chameleon™ technology. With VyprVPN, not only do you get a choice of OpenVPN, WireGuard, and L2TP/IPsec protocols, but you can also select the unique Chameleon™ protocol. Chameleon™ offers all the security benefits of OpenVPN, but also scrambles your metadata to prevent DPI, VPN blocking, and throttling. That makes it useful at overcoming restrictions in censored regions such as China. We detected no leaks during our security tests, which is good news for VyprVPN’s protection.

¿VyprVPN mantiene registros?

No, VyprVPN has a strict no-log policy. It also hired independent cybersecurity company Leviathan Security to perform a thorough privacy audit. The results of the audit confirmed that VyprVPN does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through its VPN service. With this move for transparency, VyprVPN became the first publicly audited No-Log VPN Provider. In addition to this great privacy policy, VyprVPN is incorporated outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance in privacy-friendly Switzerland and also adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles to provide maximum transparency when it comes to customer data.

¿VyprVPN funciona en China?

If you’re looking for a VPN that can give you access to the free web during a trip to China, VyprVPN is an excellent choice. The VPN’s proprietary Chameleon™ technology provides all of OpenVPN’s security but also scrambles your metadata to prevent your VPN use from being identified. This protocol is great for bypassing restrictive censorship in China and other countries that don’t allow free access to the internet. In early 2021, VyprVPN introduced an extension of this technology, Chameleon™ with Smart IP. It works by changing the server IP periodically throughout your session without dropping the connection. This makes the VPN even harder for governments to detect.

¿VyprVPN es compatible con mi dispositivo?

VyprVPN is compatible with all major platforms. The VPN’s features are similar across platforms. You can connect up to 3 simultaneous devices with a basic plan, and 5 simultaneous devices with a premium subscription. The provider offers a generous number of dedicated apps, and there are also set up guides to manually configure the VPN on a variety of other platforms. VyprVPN is fully compatible with the following devices:

  • Ventanas
  • Mac OS
  • Androide
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • QNAP
  • Blackphone
  • Televisión inteligente
  • Anonabox
  • Enrutadores Tomato, DD-WRT, OpenWRT y ASUSWRT
  • Boxee
  • NAS de Synology
  • Mora

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